Tips Buying and Selling at

Some we knows the seller and seriously, some others not sure, as everyone allowed to post ads for free without be a member, so we suggestion beware. Better look at the car directly if possible, you should always take care when buying a vehicle from anyone.

Please note the date of advertisement attached and if want to export or import, make sure the complete contact details, such as telephone or email and address required. is never directly involved in sales transactions.
If the seller claims are handling the sale DO NOT proceed.

Explore payment options. Use caution when forwarding funds to an unfamiliar person, for a big deal better to use a third-party service safest way to transfer funds, funds held by a bank guarantee for both buyers and sellers they are safe. Funds are not released until the buyer receives, inspect and approve merchandise.

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  • If there is a Scams or fake ads problem, please report for closed the ad immediately.
  • If there is a fraud or another problems with the Buyer-Seller, please contact us so we can publish warnings, blacklist and beware with these person.

Confirmation about your Ad

If you want to update, edit, pending or closed your Ad please to here >>.

Everyone is welcome to post ads for FREE without being a member, and to prospective buyers please beware, coming to see the Bug directly is a must. Avoid fraud by meeting all sellers in person to pay for items. Read More...